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FHA Loan

Get Low Down Payments, Flexible Credit Requirements, and Generous Terms with the Government-Backed Loan that Helps Millions of Americans Achieve the American Dream!

What is a FHA Loan?

An FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan is a mortgage loan that is insured by the FHA, a government agency within the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). FHA loans are designed to help make homeownership more affordable and accessible for low-to-moderate-income borrowers who may not qualify for conventional loans.

FHA loans are available from approved lenders and are available for various types of properties, including single-family homes, multi-unit properties, and condominiums. The FHA sets certain standards for the loans it insures, including requirements for credit score, down payment, debt-to-income ratio, and property condition.

One of the key features of FHA loans is the ability to make a lower down payment compared to conventional loans. Depending on the borrower’s credit score and other factors, the down payment for an FHA loan can be as low as 3.5% of the purchase price. Additionally, FHA loans may be assumable, which means that the borrower can transfer the loan to a new buyer if they sell the property.

FHA loans also require the borrower to pay mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) to protect the lender in case of default. The MIP is paid both as an upfront premium at closing and as an ongoing monthly premium.

Benefits of a FHA Loan

Lower down payment requirement

FHA loans typically require a down payment of just 3.5% of the home’s purchase price, which can make it easier for borrowers to qualify for a mortgage.

Lower credit score requirements

Borrowers with lower credit scores may still be able to qualify for an FHA loan, making it a good option for those who may not qualify for a conventional loan.

More flexible debt-to-income ratios

FHA loans may allow for higher debt-to-income ratios than conventional loans, which can help borrowers qualify for a larger loan amount.

Options for borrowers with past bankruptcies or foreclosures

Borrowers who have experienced bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past may still be able to qualify for an FHA loan, as long as they meet certain eligibility requirements.

Fixed interest rates

FHA loans offer fixed interest rates, which can provide borrowers with predictable monthly mortgage payments over the life of the loan.

Streamline refinancing

Borrowers with an existing FHA loan may be able to take advantage of the FHA streamline refinance program, which allows them to refinance their loan with limited documentation and lower fees.

Overall, an FHA loan can be a good choice for borrowers who have a lower down payment and credit score, as well as those who may have experienced financial difficulties in the past. However, it’s important to carefully consider your financial situation and work with a New Empire Mortgage Specialist to determine if an FHA loan is the right choice for you.

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